Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Meaning Of Roses

Red Rose I Love You Or Encouragement.
White Rose You are Heavenly, Reverence of Innocence & Purity.
Pink Rose You are Gentle & Graceful
Light Pink Rose Gratitude & Appreciation
Dark Pink Rose Admiration & Sympathy Joy & Gladness
Orange Rose Enthusiasm
Blue Rose You Are Special
Purple Rose You are My Romance
Yellow Rose Joy, Gladness, Freedom
Two Roses Joined Together, Engagement
Red & White Rose Together Unity

Single bloom red Rose Love at first sight or I still love you
Single Rose, any color Gratitude or simplicity
2 Roses - Mutual feelings
3 Roses - I love you
7 Roses - I'm infatuated with you
9 Roses - We'll be together forever
10 Roses - You are perfect
11 Roses - You are my treasured one
12 Roses - Be mine
13 Roses - Friends forever
15 Roses - Im truly sorry
20 Roses - Im truly sincere towards you
21 Roses - Im dedicated to you
24 Roses - Forever yours
25 Roses - Congratulations
36 Roses - My heart will always be with you
40 Roses - My Love is Genuine
50 Roses - Unconditional love
99 Roses - I will love you all the days of my life
100 Roses - I am Totally Devoted to You
101 Roses - You are My One and Only
108 Roses - Will you marry me?
999 Roses - I love you till the end of time

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