Thursday, 17 January 2013

imtiaz for imran ajmain

Salam Rosyamiza,

Welcome to Imran's Fanclub : Imtiaz for Imran Ajmain!

Thank you for registering and we are glad to receive your email.

Be proud, please include the "#Imtiaz for @ImranAjmain" line in your social media accounts profile especially Twitter. 

Let's help Imran promote his music, chart positions and radio requests, and help spread information about the news that we receive first from Imran. 


You will be added to a secret Facebook group called "Imtiaz". In there, you can make new friends among Imtiaz members, get exclusive news on Imran Ajmain's music, performances and get updates on all Imtiaz events and gatherings!

We're excited and looking forward to see you in Facebook and in our future gatherings. 

To read up on the history about Imtiaz, please visit:

Wait for 'Kerani Imtiaz' to add you on Facebook, please approve, and your account will then be added to our Facebook group within 24 hours.

Thank you! 

Official Imtiaz 
(on behalf of Imran Ajmain)

p/s : masih teringat pertama kali tgk dye live kt konsert new year pakai bju merah..huhuhu feel mcm dye nynyi untuk aku sowang je..huhuhu pasan!!

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